Saphena Medical to sponsor “Women in CTVS” seminar at the 2022 APACVS CONFERENCE

April 12, 2022 08:00 AM
On the heels of Woman’s History Month, Saphena Medical is sponsoring “The Women of CVTS Seminar” at the annual APACVS meeting, Friday April 22, in Miami. The CME/CEU accredited seminar will include a variety of topics important to the women PA of today including: Work/Life Balance, Strategies for a Sustainable Career, Women’s Advocacy in the Workplace, Financial Strategy discussions, Mentorship programs and more.

While the physician assistant program may have started out as another male-dominated profession, that has changed dramatically since its inception some 54 years ago.

When Joyce Nichols, PA-C, became the first woman to be formally educated as a Physician Assistant (she also happens to be the first African-American woman to practice as a PA), less than 20% of the workforce were women. Fast forward to 2022 and women now account for almost 70% of the workforce.

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Aimee Herrington, PA-C and Theresa Hogue, PA-C are co-leads in cardiac surgery at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. They direct a staff of nine talented PAs, eight of which are female. We asked about their roles as managers and why they feel that the industry is attracting more women.

“I think a lot can be said about surrounding yourself with people who will support you and your professional goals. I feel professional women gravitate to that.”, points out Aimee. “As a female with a career that’s as demanding as cardiac surgery, and who maintains a household, I understand how difficult it can be. We’re cognizant of that.”

Theresa adds, “I guess you could say we bring a women’s perspective to managing the entire staff– male and female. It’s a busy department and the hospital depends on our team. We realize that in addition to having a demanding career, our team members have life responsibilities–families, kids. We look out for each other. If you look at our call schedule at the end of the month you will see plenty of swapping. We can be flexible and still maintain a professional working environment.”

The Women of CTVS event will focus on the unique challenges facing women PAs today. It will be followed by a cocktail reception for connecting and networking. “We are featuring an agenda that highlight issues, that while important to everyone, are particularly important to women”, adds event presenter Joann Montecalvo, Chief Cardiothoracic PA at NYU Langone – Long Island. “Topics like financial planning, women’s advocacy in the workplace and work/life balance. The event also presents a wonderful opportunity to meet women PAs from all across the country and share our experiences with one another”.

Mike Glennon, CEO of Saphena Medical adds. “We couldn’t be more proud to sponsor an event that brings focus to the important role that women have played in our industry.”


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