Harvestor Spotlight:
Dustin Bartlett, MS PA-C CAQ and Chad Oliver, PA-C, Springfield, MO
A seasoned harvester and a talented newcomer discuss the benefits of the Venapax System.

Harvester Spotlight: 
Roger Gilbert, PA-C, Phoenix, AZ
A seasoned harvester shares his thoughts after switching to Venapax.

Harvester Spotlight: 
Yara Ashwawi, PA-C, Boston, MA
Yara participates in our first live case incorporating Zoom technology.

Harvester Spotlight: 
Thuy Li, PA-C, Ann Arbor, MI
Thuy and his staff migrate to the Venapax system in record time.

Harvester Spotlight: 
Jason Bird, NP, Huntington, WV
With just 3 weeks of surgical experience, Jason performs 5 solo Venapax cases.