This week Saphena Medical conducted a live case in Boston that was proctored by Matt Petrides, PA-C from his home in NJ. The case was a resounding success. “It was the 4th case for Yara Ashrawi, PA-C and in my mind somewhat ground breaking. The Zoom technology allows us to continue our commitment to changing how EVH is performed” notes Mike Glennon, CEO of Saphena.

This may be a better way to train for many reasons. The harvester has the proctor in their ear, without distraction from the other stakeholders in the room. The proctor has a real-time view of the entire case and the two can work together without disturbance or interruption. “I can’t thank Yara and Matt enough as this is not only teaching us how to overcome, adapt and move forward in unprecedented times like these, but it’s making us more efficient in everything we do” adds Mike.

Prior to conducting live cases, Yara lessened the learning curve by refining her technique and hand movements through a combination of Saphena’s cadaveric, bench top and didactic and video review. She approached the training modules with a focus and desire to learn the process and the conduit quality showed on the first case!

“As elective CABG’s are postponed to save beds and operating room access is understandably restricted, we have modified our approach and adopted an innovative method of training utilizing Zoom video technology.”

Yara committed to learning the Venapax process and has since quickly scaled the learning curve and reduced her procedure times. “The learning curve of Venapax is reduced proportionally to how much time is spent practicing hand movements on the model, reviewing videos and planning your approach” remarked Matt. “It is an intuitively easy technology to adopt, especially when compared to legacy systems.”

Adds Mike, “We were forced to adapt but have learned a lot in a short amount of time. In my 25 years of experience with EVH, it’s always about process. It will enable a harvester to make Venapax their own and start doing things they never thought they could do in EVH regardless of their experience level.”

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