Eric Ping NP, a masterful harvester who has performed more than 1,000 Venapax cases, was teaching a course in Huntington WV. Eric had a new team member, Jason Bird NP, perform the live case during the course.

Remarkably, Jason had been doing surgery for just 3 weeks. During that time Jason had performed 5 solo Venapax cases prior to this live case observation during the course.

“The course attendees with over 35 combined years of cardiac surgical experience were equally amazed that this was even possible,” Eric stated.

“In the world of EVH, which arguably is one of the more difficult endoscopic procedures in the operating room, we witnessed a major breakthrough with our Venapax EVH product.”

Mike Glennon, president & CEO

“Venapax is truly a game changer – no one that I know of in the 25 year history of EVH has performed a live case even remotely close to 3 weeks into surgery.” noted Eric, “Previous EVH technologies could easily involve 6-12 months of training, but the streamlined design of the Venapax system changes all of that.”

Eric adds, “Kudos to Jason Bird for his surgical prowess and to Venapax for this revolutionary technology”.

Adds Mike, “We were forced to adapt but have learned a lot in a short amount of time. In my 25 years of experience with EVH, it’s always about process. It will enable a harvester to make Venapax their own and start doing things they never thought they could do in EVH regardless of their experience level.”

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